(6 wks to 15 mths)

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Protecting your baby, so they feel loved and satisfied, with help from…

Mia the ladybug & her friends guide each child through their daily learning using our unique and fun curriculum.

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Part or Full Time Professional Care – 1 to 5 days a week

Comprehensive Curriculum – Exceeds DCFS regulations

Extra Programs – Music, Spanish and PE

Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks – Exceeds USDA regulations

Exceeds DCFS and USDA regulations

Infants Curriculum

Your baby will receive a developmentally appropriate curriculum, including individualized care and build a trustful relationship with our teachers, giving them emotional support to participate in shared activities and guide their exploration and learning, including:

Group Time to Strengthen Relationships

Share smiles and joy, with song singing, nursery rhymes, book reading, finger play, and games which foster your baby’s interest in books, music and their communication and listening skills. No one plays peek-a-boo better than Mia!

Discovery Time to Explore Senses

Discover new sensations, with various textures, water play, art activities and toy manipulation to enhance your baby’s perception skills, hand-eye coordination and manipulative abilities.

Movement Time for Growth and Development

Practice emerging skills in a safe environment, with rolling over, pulling up, crawling, first step milestones and enjoy outdoor activities including playgrounds and neighborhood walks to help your child’s development. Mia will cheer on your baby’s accomplishments!

Our curriculum features Mia and her Friends, making learning fun!

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Infants Programs

Further enrich your child with our specifically designed programs, included with your curriculum:

Musical Chairs Studio

Develops a Natural Appreciation of Music – Our music instructor will help your child express emotions and ideas through shared musical experiences, using favorite, new and cultural songs, that expose your child to a wide range of rhythms, tempos, moods and help identify basic music concepts such as loud and soft, fast and slow, high and low. Mia never misses a class!

The Spanish Hour

Enriches Children’s Lives – Es hora espanoles! Hurra!!! Our Spanish teacher will expand your child’s knowledge and opportunities with new words and perspectives, it’s the perfect time, as research studies show childhood is the ideal time for exploring a second language with benefits in cognitive and language development.

Creative Movement

Combines Physical Activity with Imagination – Our creative movement instructor, encourages your child to move with activities such as gymnastics, yoga, dancing, flexibility, strength, coordination, concentration and spatial orientation are intertwined with imagination, self-esteem, competence, social skills and personal creativity.