How do we choose them?

We are aware of the important role that teachers play in our children’s education and we concentrate our efforts toward forming a high-quality team. Each member of our team is selected for his/her commitment to provide quality care and education and meets, and exceeds, DCFS requirements.

What do they bring?

Our teachers brin Their passion and appreciation of young children and their caring and understanding character are complemented by their experience, leadership qualities, and expertise in the field of early childhood education. Also, through their role modeling, an effective and important teaching tool, our teachers guide the children’s learning and development and influence their behaviors and relationships. We value their special qualities and we are fortunate to have them on our team.

As we believe in quality education and continuous improvement, we implement comprehensive training in all aspects of LFDP’s mission and curriculum, which ensures consistency and efficiency among our teachers’ educational practices. Our continuing professional development maintains and advances their professional knowledge and skills.


Gifted Teachers

Highly Qualified Teachers

Advanced education, expertise, and experience in early childhood education are important qualities which each of our teachers possesses and continually improves upon.

Caring and Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers’ caring character and dedication transform our educational goals into achievements.