Ladybug is amazing, highly recommend as it is far from your “typical” daycare

My son, Max, was one of the first to join Ladybug at age 2, he is now 4.5. I have loved watching the curriculum develop and see how much Max has progressed. He has always called it “Mia school”, as he loves Mia the Ladybug. He is beyond excited for kindergarten in Fall of 2017 and I know that is due to his amazing teachers preparing him. My youngest, Alex, started at 2 months and has always been so happy when he gets to school. He loves his teachers and they are great with enforcing the newest milestone. He is now 14 months and transitioning into the toddler room where he seems to be doing great and so smiley. The smiles and growth I have seen says so much about the environment they spend 4 days a week in. It all comes down to the amazing staff and curriculum…too many names to list, but Thank you! It is never easy on a working parent to leave their child in someone else’s care, but I can honesty say I am able to focus on my career knowing they are happy and in good care.

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Designed to promote each child’s safety and optimal learning, our physical environment incorporates a well-planned combination of color, natural light, furnishing, and space arrangement.

High-quality learning materials

Quality Materials

Our high-quality learning materials are chosen to offer diverse opportunities for learning and development.

What's for lunch?

Quality Ingredients

Whole Foods provides our healthy and nutritious lunch.

Balanced Meals

Our meals and snacks include an appropriate combination of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and dairy and are endorsed by a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

What's for lunch?

Integrated Education

At LFDP, we adopt a holistic approach to education. Our primary goal is to foster each child’s well-being and create the foundation upon which he/she can build his/her own future.

Pillars of Learning

Healthy nutrition, proper rest, and respectful behavior are the pillars of active, effective learning and development.

Inclusive Quality Programs

At LFDP, the programs are designed to provide each child with a nurturing environment and a quality education, essential for his/her growth and development.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

At LFDP, we implement a highly personalized, developmentally appropriate, and integrated curriculum, which promotes development and lifelong learning.

'Playful Learning'

Our hands-on activities and experiences combine play and learning, offering each child opportunities to explore and construct knowledge about the world.

Mia – Our Ladybug

Caring and fun, Mia guides and supports each child through his/her daily learning activities and experiences.

We are looking for experienced and dedicated individuals that are motivated and have a good character to join our team of early childhood educators, to give an advanced education and offer an enriching experience to the children attending Ladybug Daycare and Preschool center.

Please complete the Applicant's questionnaire and after its submission you must fill out the form to your right and then upload resume and cover letter. All fields are required.

Gifted Teachers

Highly Qualified Teachers

Advanced education, expertise, and experience in early childhood education are important qualities which each of our teachers possesses and continually improves upon.

Caring and Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers’ caring character and dedication transform our educational goals into achievements.

Edgewater Contact

LadyBug & Friends
Daycare and Preschool

5427 N Broadway St.
Chicago, IL, 60640
Phone: 773.516.4307
Fax: 773.681.0364
Toll free : (855) GO LADYBUG (855.465.2392)

Irving Park Contact

LadyBug & Friends
Daycare and Preschool

3620 W Irving Park,
Chicago, IL, 60618
Phone: 872-208-3448
Fax: 872-208-3496
Toll free : (855) GO LADYBUG (855.465.2392)