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Megan Hagans

My son, Max, was one of the first to join Ladybug at age 2, he is now 4.5. I have loved watching the curriculum develop and see how much Max has progressed. He has always called it “Mia school”, as he loves Mia the Ladybug. He is beyond excited for kindergarten in Fall of 2017 and I know that is due to his amazing teachers preparing him. My youngest, Alex, started at 2 months and has always been so happy when he gets to school. He loves his teachers and they are great with enforcing the newest milestone. He is now 14 months and transitioning into the toddler room where he seems to be doing great and so smiley. The smiles and growth I have seen says so much about the environment they spend 4 days a week in. It all comes down to the amazing staff and curriculum…too many names to list, but Thank you! It is never easy on a working parent to leave their child in someone else’s care, but I can honesty say I am able to focus on my career knowing they are happy and in good care.

Heather Smith

We truly appreciate the work of they Ladybug team particularly our son’s teachers. He has been there since he was 10 months old and now he is 2.5. His teachers have earned his trust and we love that they truly knows his personality. He smiles whenever we tell him he is going to see his teachers and they make school something he looks forward to. The whole staff is so professional but also make school so much fun. We know that he is enjoying his days at Ladybug. We can’t say enough good things!

Terry Sullivan

We love Ladybug and would highly recommend to new parents. The teachers have made our transition into daycare so easy. My son is always so happy when we drop him off and is sad to leave at the end of the day. It is a wonderful place!

Aubrey Wagner

We have been a part of the Ladybug family for almost 3 years now, and our daughters have gone through each of the classrooms from infants to Pre-K. I could not imagine a better place for them. Not only do the teachers and staff provide exceptional care, but the curriculum and programs are exceptional, and the children really thrive. They love their weekly music, yoga, and Spanish classes. The weekly Mia Memos and the daily updates through the App help keep us updated on what is going on, and the teachers and staff are very responsive if there are ever any questions or concerns. More than anything, Ladybug has done a great job of creating a true community of families and friends, are so thankful to be a part of it.

Steve Moulton

Our son started in Ladybugs in September of 2014 and is leaving for Kindergarten later this summer. We also have a daughter in the two’s classroom and our third child will be starting in their infant room in the Fall.

At different times in the last five years we’ve had kids in multiple daycares in Maryland and Chicago. We’ve been lucky enough to have had many good daycare experiences, but Ladybugs would be top of the list.

Here are some reasons why we love it there –

The People

Ladybug’s have made staff retention a priority, when they get good people, they make sure to hang on to them. This continuity is great for our kids as they get to go and interact with someone each day that they have formed a relationship with over a number of years.

One of the keys to the success of their staffing policy is their willingness to promote from within. The current Director worked in our son’s class when he started there, he has moved up through the ranks and is doing a great job leading the facility each day. He knows the families, he has been in the classroom, understands the challenges and is definitely invested in our kid’s development.

The current Assistant Director is also a former teacher and is really great with the children. This model of enabling people to move from classroom to front office really seems to pay dividends.

The ownership listen to the parents. The facility was quite new when we started, there were teething troubles, but they weren’t scared to engage and listen to opinions, that has continued and many of the initiatives that have been put in place came directly from parent outreach.

Our kids have probably interacted with 10-12 teachers and assistants since they started, we have been so impressed by their dedication and patience. They aren’t in the business of ‘minding’ kids each day, they really want to develop the kids. Standards and expectations are high at Ladybugs, and for us the teachers exceed those expectations consistently.


Huge time and effort has been put into creating an age appropriate curriculum that keeps the day interesting and also prepares the pre-schoolers for the move to kindergarten.
There is a theme for each week and every day explores some aspect of the weekly theme. Parents are notified what the theme is each week and encouraged to continue the conversation at home.
The curriculum is consistent among all classes, so if it the theme is Art and Artists one week, the toddlers might be learning basic drawing skills while the pre-schoolers are drawing but also learning about Van Gogh and Monet.
Special activities like weekly yoga, music and Spanish classes offer some excellent diversity to the program.


Ladybugs partner with Whole Foods to create healthy meal options for breakfast, lunch and snack time. The menu is updated every season and parents are given copies of the menu in advance, so you know each day what your kids will be eating in school and plan accordingly. In conversations with other parents and kids, the food options seem to be a big hit.


Parents wanted to have a better insight into their kid’s day, so Ladybugs built a custom app to facilitate that. It’s updated several times each time and keeps you informed about what your kids did and didn’t eat, when they napped, what activities took place. Photos are posted regularly to the app. It’s been a great addition. Beyond that, teachers are totally open to discussing any aspect of your child’s day. This can be difficult at pick up when they are watching the class and also helping kid’s pack up for the day, despite that, they take the time to engage and answer any questions you might have.


Daycare is expensive in Chicago, but Ladybugs compares pretty well with places we’ve looked at and used in the neighborhood and downtown. We paid about 20% extra for a daycare downtown for our daughter initially (close to Mom’s work). The facilities were very impressive, the people were fine, but they weren’t invested in the kids like the Ladybug’s staff are.

Other families

Ladybugs is a really friendly community, I can’t think of any real problems among parents in the three years we’ve been going there. You’ll often see Ladybugs families hanging out together in Lincoln Sq, or grabbing dinner at local restaurants. It’s a welcoming group. They have an unofficial Facebook group for parents to communicate with each other, people are quick to help if someone goes on there looking for advice and help, the general attitude is welcoming and it feels like people look out for each other’s kids and want them to do well.

It’s been a great three years sending our kids to Ladybugs and we hope to have five more years ahead of us there.

Megan Gaffney

Ladybug and Friends was a great choice for our family. The teachers in the infant room have all been attentive and caring since day one. The facility is clean, inviting, and each class has developed an engaging and fun curriculum. It’s such a relief to be able to leave your child for the day knowing she will have fun and be so well cared for.

Heather Haddon

We couldn’t be happier with Ladybug. We are new parents and new to Chicago, and did a lot of searching and agonizing over where to send our infant son. We found Ladybug through a friend, and were so glad when the Edgewater location had openings.

The center is organized, clean, cheery and professional. We love the caregivers, and our son has thrived there. They sincerely care about his growth and development, and establishing a safe, positive community. We will continue to watch him grow there. Highly recommended.

Kim Cook

Our daughter loves attending Ladybug! We started around 19 months and she’s been learning so much as well as making friends. She’s thriving with the teachers and other kids in her class. We love getting the reports daily along with photos to show how much fun she is having during the day. We were new to Chicago when we found Ladybug and have a lot of trust in the faculty and their care for our daughter even in the short amount of time we have attended.

This is not our first daycare and we haven't been happier. Our son is not an easy kid, but they found a common ground with him and he loves his teacher Zeyneb, which after a previous daycare is a miracle because he was even afraid to be left with my sister. The staff is super friendly, my son makes sure he waves goodbye to everyone before he leaves. Director of the facility, Adeola, has been so helpful and supportive with all the questions that we had. Very happy that we found such an amazing place by our home.

Maria Stevenson

My Daughter has been attending daycare at Lady Bug and Friends since the first day the doors opened. She has transitioned from the infant room to the toddler room, we couldn’t be more happy with her progress, she’s thriving and learning new things every day. The staff is so friendly and eager to teach, you can see that from the Directors to the floating teachers they are happy to be there.

Karen Richardson

Our daughter has attended Ladybug Edgewater for a year now and we absolutely love it. She started when they first opened with just one infant room and now she’s transitioning into the toddler room. You can tell they really care about your child and every teacher (not just her teachers) know her/us. I feel confident that my daughter is not just well cared for but loved at LFDP.

Friends at other daycare centers have told me horror stories about difficult transitions to new classroom and I’ve encountered none of that at LFDP. They’ve made every transition easy on us and are looking out for my daughter’s best interests at every turn.

Amy Lovato

We love Ladybug! I wish Ladybug had been available when my son was first born, but we were so glad to find it soon after it opened! Between my son and my daughter we have been in just about every classroom and we have nothing but good things to say about all the teachers. I know I can trust Ladybug to provide my kids with everything they need including healthy meals, a LOT of fun and education appropriate to their age. And I also love the extras they offer including yoga, music and Spanish each week.


I appreciate how loving the teachers are to our son and others children, responsive the center is to any concerns and the level of transparency they provide in communicating important updates to parents.
They also have a cool app that gets updated a few times a day with meals, diaper changes and photos!

Julie C.

My daughter has been at ladybug for over 2 months in the infant room and we couldn’t be happier. Being our first child we were very stressed about putting her in daycare so young but were very quickly reassured. The quality of care provided is excellent, communication with parents has been great. They are very fast at reacting when something is happening (virus outbreak…) and great at sharing infos with parents. They are very accommodating and my daughter loves her care givers. I felt bad about going back to work, but now I am feeling great about seeing her so happy and interested in the activities proposed each day. I wouldn’t move her anywhere else and am very glad I found them.

Jada Cash

The teachers at Ladybug are top notch! So invested in the kiddos and accommodating to families’ needs. They truly go above and beyond (like the time Ms. Lexi brought our 2 year old a potty prize the first day he went all day in underwear with no accidents!). He loves going to school every day and is often running off to play without even bothering to say bye to me :). What’s more, the parents and kids in the Ladybug family are FANTASTIC! We’ll be sticking around with baby number two, no question :).

Sarah Edgeworth

We started our son at Ladybug when he was 15 months old. He went from a nanny share with another toddler at home into a classroom with 7 other little boys. Though it took a few weeks of adjustment, he quickly grew to love his teachers and all of the activity he did each day. We were extremely pleased with the well rounded menu, and his new found abilities to listen and follow directions, talk a mile a minute, and try new things. He’s become very outgoing and social, and really enjoys the friends he’s made at Ladybug. We always feel that he is being well taken care of each day, and are able to stay informed about his daily activities through the app and weekly newsletters. The director and teachers are very responsive when I have questions or want to try something new (like potty training!). This daycare has been a great experience for us!!

Kim Kelly

Our son started at Ladybug when he was 12 weeks old. He was born five weeks premature and I was pretty nervous about starting daycare so soon. Since then, I’ve been so happy with the care he’s received at Ladybug. We love our teachers and they care for my son like one of their own. When he came down with bronchiolitis and had to visit the ER for breathing issues, it was the daycare staff who first noticed an issue and called me right away. Recently, I started my own business to spend more time with my son. Despite reduced work hours, my husband and I made it a priority to keep our son at Ladybug part time. We feel he gets so much great social interaction and developmental learning that we didn’t want to keep him home full time. I can’t recommend this program enough!

Laura Johnston

A personalized birthday poster with photos of my daughter throughout her time at ladybug. A cheerleading outfit a teacher bought at a garage sale for my girl. Phone calls immediately if my daughter is seemingly off or anything less than 100% healthy. Structure and discipline so she learns to be a good listener and work well within the school system. And these things are all in addition to the robust curriculum, nutritional focus and daily updates we get from the fine folks at Ladybug. We’ve been with Ladybug since they opened and could not be more pleased with the care, safety and love our daughter has received.

Katie Desir

We absolutely love Ladybug and Friends! Our son has gone since he was 12 weeks and we couldn’t dream of a better place for him. He lights up with excitement to see his teacher and classmates when we enter the room each morning. We love that he is getting a variety of stimulation and lessons throughout the day and weeks. It’s impressive that each morning I chat with his teacher and she remembers everything from the previous day and seems genuinely interested in our son. The art, events, personalized sheets, app are an added bonus.

Carrie Mathos

My son has been going to Ladybug (Irving Park) since he was 12 weeks old and we absolutely love it. Recently, we had a PT appointment and one of the things we’ve been working on at home, and that we asked the teachers to keep an eye on was his “W” sitting. The PT didn’t want him sitting like that and I know they’ve been very diligent about helping correct it when they see it. We got an excellent report card at the PT this morning and I have to give credit to Heidi, April and Ericka, too! They’re really awesome about keeping us updated on their observations and helping with these random requests that we have. I know they even did some research as to why the PT was saying he shouldn’t sit like that.

It hits me every so often that I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him at this age, but I’m truly grateful that he’s spending a ton of time with people who care about him. He was going through a “please don’t leave me!” phase not long ago and I saw him crawl up to Ericka and ask to be picked up; while i wish I could have stayed to comfort him, I’m so grateful that he has people there who he knows he can go to for affection and comfort when he needs it.

In the time that he’s been there, he’s been in a couple of different classrooms, with a few different teachers and I cannot say enough good things about ALL of the teachers. Cristalle and Masona were his first teachers and leaving a 12 week-old baby with people who you’ve briefly met can be hard, but they put me at ease immediately. They are both so nice and caring and over the days, we formed a great relationship with them. I knew that he was in good hands every time we dropped him off. As he got a little older and the daycare grew a bit, Ramona, Kiki and Edna joined and were a great addition to the crew! The ladies mentioned above are his current teachers and are 100% awesome. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have such an amazing team helping take care of him. They are truly a wonderful group of people who care about the kids. Even the teachers whose classrooms he hasn’t been in, know who he is and always interact with him. He knows who all of the teachers are and gets excited to see everyone. And I can’t forget about the director, Ryan. He is just awesome. I figured I’d like whichever daycare we chose, but I wasn’t expecting to LOVE it. Ladybug is truly a great place.

Diana VanDegrift

We have been really happy with Ladybug. Our son started in the infant room in Lincoln Square nearly a year ago, and he adores his teachers. We have been so impressed with their attention to detail and how well they know his personality. The level of interaction, weekly themes, art projects, and special events have all exceeded our expectations. It’s wonderful to see our son so engaged and happy. Highly recommend!

Carissa Coons

Our son came over a month early and we were in need of childcare much sooner than we thought. Luckily we noticed Ladybug and Friends in Edgewater just before I went back to work and we were very impressed right from the start; the director was so organized and like the rest of the staff, very kind. Additionally, the space itself is always very clean, organized and inviting.

I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I say we are so grateful for the excellent care our son receives from everyone, and especially Samanthia, Candice and Suli, who are in charge of his room. They are unbelievably sweet and so great at giving attention to each of the infants in their classroom. Despite how crazy it would seem to take care of group little ones, they are always smiling and it really feels like they truly love each of the babies in their care, including our little guy.

Brad Slagle

My 10 month old daughter has been coming to Ladybug for the last 5 months, and her development both physically and mentally has been greatly accelerated due to the hard work and dedication that Jordan and her team has spent with my daughter. She comes home each week with a new sound, or physical ability that I don’t think she would have learned if it wasn’t for the great teachers in the infant room. Parker has also been struggling with taking consistent naps during the day, but the staff has worked with our desires and requests to help her sleep better. Jordan and her team is very accommodating to our specific requests and is working in collaboration with me to be sure that we put Parker in the best possible situation to sleep and enjoy her day at school.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the staff’s hard work, and the attention they pay to each kid that is in their class to be sure they are all happy to in the best position to develop socially!

Jennifer Hosmer

My 1 year old daughter started at Ladybug (lincoln square) when she was just 10 weeks. Her primary teachers have been there since day 1, which has been such a wonderful, comforting aspect of our experience. My daughter’s little face lights up every day when she walks into the room. She loves her teachers. I have been nothing but pleased with LadyBug!

Mary Ellen Rahn

Over the last year, we have been very pleased with our experience at Ladybug and Friends. Our 3 yr old and 5 mth old love going to school, love their teachers and love everything this center has to offer. Most importantly, the staff and teachers put safety first and are focused on what is best for the children. In addition, we have been exceptionally pleased with the balanced curriculum, activities and projects, the fresh and healthy menu, cleanliness and welcoming smiles each and every morning/evening. We love the parent network and strong communication day to day as well as frequent gatherings at the center and play dates even outside of school. Ladybug is a wonderful choice for growing families.

Lindsay Dirr

I can't express enough how wonderful the staff is. Being first time parents they made it easy for us to leave our child in the care of someone else all day. The smile on our son's face at drop-off said it all. Our son was in the infant program and Ms. Brenda was wonderful. She took such good care of our baby and went above and beyond to provide detailed notes of how his day went. As well as constantly having hands on activities (paints, crafts, etc.) planned to help with his development.

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