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LadyBug and Friends West Loop location

Ladybug is an all-day daycare and preschool serving families on Chicago’s Near West Side, including West Loop, South Loop, West Town, and Pilsen


336 S Halsted St, Chicago IL 60661

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336 S Halsted St,
Chicago IL 60661


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7 A.M. – 6 P.M.


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6 weeks – 6 years

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Our Programs

(6 weeks to 6 years old)


(6 weeks to 15 months)

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Our Infants program is designed to ensure your baby receives all of the individual care and attention an infant requires, while also participating in age-appropriate developmental activities. The emotional support your child receives from our experienced teachers at our Chicago daycare facility will establish a foundation of trust as they begin socializing with other children, all while exploring their world and beginning to learn about it.

We provide a safe, joyful environment for your child to interact with others and gain a comfort level in group settings. Activities such as songs and nursery rhymes, reading books aloud, basic finger play and other infant-appropriate activities will help inspire your baby’s interest in books and music, develop their ability to communicate with those around them, and promote their listening skills. Bonus: Our ladybug Mia is absolutely a peek-a-boo expert!

Additionally, we provide ample time dedicated to discovering and exploring, as infants are curious about everything! We give them a safe and structured framework at our Chicago daycare center for discovering new textures and materials, engaging in water play, and exploring interactive art and toy activities. These experiences will further their perception skills as they begin to gain an understanding of the world around them. This wide range of carefully considered activities will help them develop hand-eye coordination, encourage fine motor skills and begin to shape their ability to manipulate objects.

Your child will also find a safe, supervised environment to practice new physical activities such as rolling over, pulling themselves up, and crawling as they make their way towards taking that first step. These activities will include seasonally appropriate outdoor time and playgrounds as well as walks around the neighborhood, with our teachers cheering on each and every accomplishment while developing their love staying active.

Every toddler is hungry for autonomy as they begin to explore their environment and learn more about the world. We understand the need to balance this natural desire with the safety and protection they require. We are experienced with navigating the natural swings of toddler behavior, nurturing them on their path to independence while also providing the necessary guidance and reassurance to keep them feeling secure.

Our group time places an emphasis on encouraging a toddler’s emerging language skills and cognitive abilities, with songs and nursery rhymes geared towards allowing the child to practice words they already know while also introducing them to new ones (like Mia, our ladybug, for example!). This emphasis on expanding horizons also extends to our discovery time, during which toddlers learn more about the workings of the world around them.

Art projects such as finger and brush painting will provide opportunities for creative expression and exploration, while also developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We also recognize and encourage the beginnings of pretend play at this age, There will also be ample opportunity for children to develop their movement skills and physicality at their own pace. From running to jumping to climbing, they will gain strength, agility, and balance.

Our enrichment programs further add to your toddler’s Chicago daycare experience, with our Musical Chairs Studio starting them on a journey of music appreciation, introducing basic concepts and a range of songs, both classic and contemporary. Our Spanish Hour will introduce your child to an expanded vocabulary, as studies have shown early childhood is a perfect time for exploring another language. Finally, our Creative Movement program combines physical activity and imagination in the form of activities like gymnastics, yoga, and dancing, increasing their spatial awareness while also developing social skills and personal creativity.

What we offer:

Part Time or Full Time Professional Care – 2, 3 or 5 day a week
Comprehensive Curriculum – Exceeds DCFS guidelines and regulations
Extra Programs – Music, Spanish or Physical Education
Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks – Exceeds USDA regulations


(15 to 24 months)

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(2 to 3 years)

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As your toddler reaches years two and three and moves into early preschool age, their sense of autonomy and curiosity only increases as they also become more aware of their social relationships and more talkative. Our teachers recognize that each child grows in these areas at their own pace. As a result, we provide each child with individualized opportunities for exploration and learning at our Chicago daycare facility.

Our group time takes on new elements at this age as toddlers’ cognitive abilities reach the point of being able to retain the meaning and morals behind songs, nursery rhymes and stories, not to mention the steps they will take in memory and language development. We also provide discovery time, when they are given opportunities to question, explore, and experiment in the form of new learning materials, science experiments, and a variety of other activities that promote critical thinking and problem solving.

This sense of experimentation also extends to our variety of age-appropriate art projects, through which they can further hone their concentration, coordination and motor skills. Our dramatic play is another avenue for exploring their creativity, as they begin to discover storytelling and pretend play, which also furthers their language and social skills. They will also have ample movement time, as two and three year olds benefit tremendously from the opportunity to run, jump and play in a safe and supervised environment at our Chicago daycare center.

Two and three year olds love our Musical Chairs Studio, as their budding language skills let them really engage with songs at a new level. Similarly, our Spanish Hour takes on a deeper element at this age as their language abilities really begin to shine. Finally, creative movement opportunities such as gymnastics, yoga, and dance introduce new forms of movement to explore as they gain a new sense of their physicality.

What we offer:

Part Time or Full Time Professional Care – 2, 3 or 5 day a week
Comprehensive Curriculum – Exceeds DCFS guidelines and regulations
Extra Programs – Music, Spanish or Physical Education
Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks – Exceeds USDA regulations

As children enter preschool age, they continue to develop their unique individual traits, acquiring a more nuanced understanding of the world around them and their relationship to it. They become more assertive, more inclined towards taking initiative, and more likely to form genuine friendships. We understand the importance of recognizing and fostering this emerging sense of self as each child follows their own unique developmental path.

At preschool age, group time is marked by readings and videos coupled with actual discussion, exchanging ideas and promoting critical thinking that builds their growing understanding of the world. This process also furthers language development, as does the introduction of activities like poetry and show and tell. Discovery time places a greater emphasis on science and nature, encouraging processes such as experimentation and trial and error. We also place an emphasis on games that stimulate intellectual development around reason and logic, communication, and planning, while also furthering social skills (Mia is a big proponent of fair play!).

At preschool age, children are ready to take on more complex art projects such as drawing, clay modeling and collages, as their dramatic play makes a similar leap forward with new levels of creativity, collaboration and abstract thinking. We also introduce basic numeracy skills, as well as literacy and handwriting. However, this still leaves plenty of time for physical activity and movement, music immersion, and our Spanish Hour.

We are aware of the public policy demands around school readiness, and while we make sure to emphasize the literacy and numeracy knowledge schools expect, we also recognize the bigger picture. Emotional and social skills such as self-control, cooperation, listening, and problem solving are also vital for success in school. Our Chicago daycare program is meant to build a bridge from playful learning towards formal schooling, while ensuring your child is prepared for the latter intellectually and emotionally.

What we offer:

Part Time or Full Time Professional Care – 2, 3 or 5 day a week
Comprehensive Curriculum – Exceeds DCFS guidelines and regulations
Extra Programs – Music, Spanish or Physical Education
Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks – Exceeds USDA regulations


(3 to 6 years)

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We Proudly Serve Our Local Communities

Whether you’re looking for daycare in West Loop, South Loop, West Town or Pilsen, LadyBug offers an experience unmatched by other Chicago daycare centers.

West Loop Daycare in Chicago
Located in the dynamic area of West Loop in Chicago, our daycare helps put parents’ minds at ease while providing exceptional childcare services. We are delighted to offer active families in the area, including those affiliated with the University of Illinois, a secure daycare environment in which their children can excel. We are committed to being one of the top daycare providers in West Loop and becoming a trusted partner in your child’s early development. We hope you consider becoming a part of our Ladybug & Friends daycare family in West Loop!
South Loop Daycare in Chicago
Our convenient and easily accessible location on Halsted Street provides great early childcare for families in the nearby South Loop neighborhood. We are devoted to providing your little one with individual care and attention, helping them socialize, and teach them by playing. Whichever part of the Loop you hail from, we are excited to welcome you to our community. Please inquire below for our Chicago Loop daycare tuition, curriculum, and environment, and join us for a tour of the location!
West Town Daycare in Chicago
We are located right alongside the vibrant area of Chicago’s West Town. Ladybug & Friends serves as the dedicated ally for many families in the area while caring for their children and helping them learn and grow. No matter which part of West Town or nearby neighborhoods you hail from, we are happy to welcome you to our community of dedicated teachers, caring parents, and happy kids. Click the button below to schedule your online tour today!
Pilsen Daycare in Chicago
Located just a few-minute drive from our West Loop location, we are excited to provide great daycare and preschool options to families in the Pilsen neighborhood. We play a vital role in serving the residents of this exciting area, including families in the nearby Chinatown district. Ladybug & Friends is known throughout Chicago for providing excellent care for children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years. Inquire below to learn more about our Pilsen daycare center!
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Why Your Child Will Thrive at LadyBug and Friends

LadyBug and Friends is a full-day Chicago daycare and preschool serving families with children from 6 weeks to 6 years old primarily serving the West Loop, South Loop, West Town, and Pilsen neighborhoods. We value our role in helping young children in these communities to learn, grow, and thrive. Discover why LadyBug and Friends is able to provide the ideal environment for your child’s development.

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Experienced teachers

Our high quality team of Chicago daycare teachers is trained to deal with the unique needs of children at all stages of early development. Each staff member has a passion for working with children and expertise in the field of early childhood education that exceeds DCFS standards. Furthermore, we provide continuous internal professional development opportunities to ensure our staff is constantly acquiring new skills and methods of encouraging growth and learning.

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Individualized Attention

We recognize that each child has their own unique set of needs and their own pace at which they adjust to new activities and environments. We provide plenty of individualized attention for each child at our Chicago daycare center, offering enriching opportunities for all children no matter where they are on their developmental path.

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Thoughtful Programming

Every aspect of our Chicago daycare program is carefully considered to nurture a specific, age-appropriate developmental skill or set of skills, a holistic approach that will lay a foundation for a lifelong love of growing and learning. From early exposure to music and languages to activities that promote socialization, creativity, and physical development, we are constantly refining our programs to provide the most well-rounded experience possible.

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Safe and Supportive Environment

A child must feel secure in order to thrive, which is why we create an environment that protects both the physical and emotional well-being of each child. Under the watchful guidance of our highly trained, deeply committed and caring staff, your child will have the security and support they need to explore their world, try new things, and develop the social skills that will continue to serve them throughout their lives.

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Commitment to Nutrition

Proper nutrition is an important part of childhood development. All children, ages 15 months and up, participate in our food plan. Our caterer Healthy Organic Kids provides healthy, nutritionally complete meals and snacks that will keep your child well-nourished throughout the day, while also establishing a foundation of healthy eating that will continue to serve them well as they grow.

We Take Safety Seriously!

At LadyBug and Friends your child’s safety is our top priority, and we understand that with COVID-19 you likely have questions about what procedures and protocols we have put in place to keep your child protected. We wanted to address the measures we are taking to provide a safe environment for your children, your family members, and our staff.

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Practicing Food Safety

We work with our food service provider to ensure the most stringent safety protocols are being met at all meal and snack times. Our teachers wear gloves during food service and we provide individual portions to each child, refraining from any shared food service across all of our Chicago daycare facilities.

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Disinfecting Areas and Equipment

Our teachers will be extra vigilant about cleanliness, disinfecting high-touch surfaces multiple times a day. These areas include but are not limited to light switches, playground equipment, door handles, and classroom materials. We also provide hand sanitizer and encourage frequent hand washing for all students and staff.

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Face Coverings

All our staff will be wearing facemasks in accordance with CDC guidelines, and we have procedures in place to help your child acclimate to seeing their teacher wear one. Reminder: If you or a family member is ill or has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please alert our staff immediately and remain at home while following CDC safety recommendations.

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Drop-Off and Pick-Up

To help aid in social distancing during drop off and pick up, We will conduct a brief temperature check and make sure your child is not exhibiting any flu like symptoms before a staff member escorts them to their room. During the pick-up process, a staff member will walk with your child out of the facility.

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Daily Social Distancing

We have adjusted all our Chicago daycare programs to facilitate social distancing throughout the day under the guidance of our teachers. This covers both our indoor and outdoor activities. For additional safety we are not having any interaction between different rooms at this time, and we are postponing any outside visits or special events until further notice.

About LadyBug and Friends Chicago

At Ladybug and Friends we make it our mission to provide a holistic approach to early education, giving each child a safe environment to explore, learn, and grow in a manner that recognizes their unique qualities as they build a foundation for their future.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the specific developmental needs at each stage of early childhood, fostering qualities such as positive self-identity, emotional well-being, social skills, language, reasoning, creativity, physical development and respect for diversity and community.

We strive to ensure that these developmental goals are met through joyful and engaging activities that encourage development while nonetheless providing a sense of play and personal autonomy. We also believe that children flourish most when there is a foundation of good nutrition, plenty of rest, and respect for teachers and peers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you able to offer half days?
    Our rates are based on full-day care, so if you only want half-day care the rate would still remain the same. We do offer part-time weeks (2, 3, or 5 days), which is applicable where shown.
  • Hours of operation?
    Monday to Friday (7 am – 6 pm).
  • Do you offer discounts for siblings?
    Yes we offer a 10% discount for enrolled siblings.
  • Before/after school care?
    We do not provide care outside of our operating hours.
  • Is there an enrollment fee?
    Yes. Non-refundable one-time fee of $125 per child.
  • What is the payment schedule?
    Tuition week-in-advance payments are made before the Friday of each week.
  • What are the accepted payment methods?
    Check, Chase Quick Pay, Zelle or Credit Card (+3% fee for CC).
  • Do you take government help/assistance?
    We do not, we are a privately-owned company with our own set prices per age group.
  • Do families have to pay for weeks they do not need care (ie. vacation, sick days)?
    Yes, you pay for your spot no matter what. Families will receive a free week’s tuition every year on their anniversary week with the center.
  • Are meals provided for children?
    Yes, children 15 months and older will be on the center’s food plan, which consists of breakfast, AM snack, Lunch, and PM snack – all catered by Healthy Organic Kids.
  • How does the Waitlist work?
    Enrollments are limited, so if you are interested in our programs, you can register for a Tour and inclusion on our Waitlist to get notified 30 to 60 days before an enrollment becomes available.

    Waitlist participants are prioritized by the following;
    1) Siblings already enrolled.
    2) Already enrolled in other LadyBug location.
    3) Order of Waitlist acceptance.
  • Is there a fee to join your Waitlist?
    Yes. The waitlist fee is $150 per child.