Review Carissa Coons

Carissa Coons

Our son came over a month early and we were in need of childcare much sooner than we thought. Luckily we noticed Ladybug and Friends in Edgewater just before I went back to work and we were very impressed right from the start; the director was so organized and like the rest of the staff, very kind. Additionally, the space itself is always very clean, organized and inviting.

I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I say we are so grateful for the excellent care our son receives from everyone, and especially Samanthia, Candice and Suli, who are in charge of his room. They are unbelievably sweet and so great at giving attention to each of the infants in their classroom. Despite how crazy it would seem to take care of group little ones, they are always smiling and it really feels like they truly love each of the babies in their care, including our little guy.

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