Review Sarah Edgeworth

Sarah Edgeworth

We started our son at Ladybug when he was 15 months old. He went from a nanny share with another toddler at home into a classroom with 7 other little boys. Though it took a few weeks of adjustment, he quickly grew to love his teachers and all of the activity he did each day. We were extremely pleased with the well rounded menu, and his new found abilities to listen and follow directions, talk a mile a minute, and try new things. He’s become very outgoing and social, and really enjoys the friends he’s made at Ladybug. We always feel that he is being well taken care of each day, and are able to stay informed about his daily activities through the app and weekly newsletters. The director and teachers are very responsive when I have questions or want to try something new (like potty training!). This daycare has been a great experience for us!!

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