Review Carrie Mathos

Carrie Mathos

My son has been going to Ladybug (Irving Park) since he was 12 weeks old and we absolutely love it. Recently, we had a PT appointment and one of the things we’ve been working on at home, and that we asked the teachers to keep an eye on was his “W” sitting. The PT didn’t want him sitting like that and I know they’ve been very diligent about helping correct it when they see it. We got an excellent report card at the PT this morning and I have to give credit to Heidi, April and Ericka, too! They’re really awesome about keeping us updated on their observations and helping with these random requests that we have. I know they even did some research as to why the PT was saying he shouldn’t sit like that.

It hits me every so often that I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him at this age, but I’m truly grateful that he’s spending a ton of time with people who care about him. He was going through a “please don’t leave me!” phase not long ago and I saw him crawl up to Ericka and ask to be picked up; while i wish I could have stayed to comfort him, I’m so grateful that he has people there who he knows he can go to for affection and comfort when he needs it.

In the time that he’s been there, he’s been in a couple of different classrooms, with a few different teachers and I cannot say enough good things about ALL of the teachers. Cristalle and Masona were his first teachers and leaving a 12 week-old baby with people who you’ve briefly met can be hard, but they put me at ease immediately. They are both so nice and caring and over the days, we formed a great relationship with them. I knew that he was in good hands every time we dropped him off. As he got a little older and the daycare grew a bit, Ramona, Kiki and Edna joined and were a great addition to the crew! The ladies mentioned above are his current teachers and are 100% awesome. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have such an amazing team helping take care of him. They are truly a wonderful group of people who care about the kids. Even the teachers whose classrooms he hasn’t been in, know who he is and always interact with him. He knows who all of the teachers are and gets excited to see everyone. And I can’t forget about the director, Ryan. He is just awesome. I figured I’d like whichever daycare we chose, but I wasn’t expecting to LOVE it. Ladybug is truly a great place.

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