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We absolutely love Ladybug and

We absolutely love Ladybug and Friends! Our son has gone since he was 12 weeks and we couldn’t dream of a better place for him. He lights up with excitement to see his teacher and classmates when we enter the room each morning. We love that he is getting a variety of stimulation and lessons throughout the day and weeks. It’s impressive that each morning I chat with his teacher and she remembers everything from the previous day and seems genuinely interested in our son. The art, events, personalized sheets, app are an added bonus.

March 7, 2017
Katie Desir

We have been really happy

We have been really happy with Ladybug. Our son started in the infant room in Lincoln Square nearly a year ago, and he adores his teachers. We have been so impressed with their attention to detail and how well they know his personality. The level of interaction, weekly themes, art projects, and special events have all exceeded our expectations. It’s wonderful to see our son so engaged and happy. Highly recommend!

March 7, 2017
Diana VanDegrift

My 1 year old daughter

My 1 year old daughter started at Ladybug (lincoln square) when she was just 10 weeks. Her primary teachers have been there since day 1, which has been such a wonderful, comforting aspect of our experience. My daughter’s little face lights up every day when she walks into the room. She loves her teachers. I have been nothing but pleased with LadyBug!

March 7, 2017
Jennifer Hosmer

We love Ladybug

We truly appreciate the work of they Ladybug team particularly our son’s teachers. He has been there since he was 10 months old and now he is 2.5. His teachers have earned his trust and we love that they truly knows his personality. He smiles whenever we tell him he is going to see his teachers and they make school something he looks forward to. The whole staff is so professional but also make school so much fun. We know that he is enjoying his days at Ladybug. We can’t say enough good things!

February 2, 2017
Heather Smith

Just the place we were looking for…

We love Ladybug! I wish Ladybug had been available when my son was first born, but we were so glad to find it soon after it opened! Between my son and my daughter we have been in just about every classroom and we have nothing but good things to say about all the teachers. I know I can trust Ladybug to provide my kids with everything they need including healthy meals, a LOT of fun and education appropriate to their age. And I also love the extras they offer including yoga, music and Spanish each week.

January 29, 2017
Amy Lovato

All the love and care you could hope for

A personalized birthday poster with photos of my daughter throughout her time at ladybug. A cheerleading outfit a teacher bought at a garage sale for my girl. Phone calls immediately if my daughter is seemingly off or anything less than 100% healthy. Structure and discipline so she learns to be a good listener and work well within the school system. And these things are all in addition to the robust curriculum, nutritional focus and daily updates we get from the fine folks at Ladybug. We’ve been with Ladybug since they opened and could not be more pleased with the care, safety and love our daughter has received.

December 6, 2016
Laura Johnston

Ladybug is amazing, highly recommend as it is far from your “typical” daycare

My son, Max, was one of the first to join Ladybug at age 2, he is now 4.5. I have loved watching the curriculum develop and see how much Max has progressed. He has always called it “Mia school”, as he loves Mia the Ladybug. He is beyond excited for kindergarten in Fall of 2017 and I know that is due to his amazing teachers preparing him. My youngest, Alex, started at 2 months and has always been so happy when he gets to school. He loves his teachers and they are great with enforcing the newest milestone. He is now 14 months and transitioning into the toddler room where he seems to be doing great and so smiley. The smiles and growth I have seen says so much about the environment they spend 4 days a week in. It all comes down to the amazing staff and curriculum…too many names to list, but Thank you! It is never easy on a working parent to leave their child in someone else’s care, but I can honesty say I am able to focus on my career knowing they are happy and in good care.

November 10, 2016
Megan Hagans

Great teachers, loving environment

The teachers at Ladybug are top notch! So invested in the kiddos and accomodating to families’ needs. They truly go above and beyond (like the time Ms. Lexi brought our 2 year old a potty prize the first day he went all day in underwear with no accidents!). He loves going to school every day and is often running off to play without even bothering to say bye to me :). What’s more, the parents and kids in the Ladybug family are FANTASTIC! We’ll be sticking around with baby number two, no question :).

October 4, 2016
Jada Cash

Ladybug and Friends are always focused on what is best for our children!

Over the last year, we have been very pleased with our experience at Ladybug and Friends. Our 3 yr old and 5 mth old love going to school, love their teachers and love everything this center has to offer. Most importantly, the staff and teachers put safety first and are focused on what is best for the children. In addition, we have been exceptionally pleased with the balanced curriculum, activities and projects, the fresh and healthy menu, cleanliness and welcoming smiles each and every morning/evening. We love the parent network and strong communication day to day as well as frequent gatherings at the center and play dates even outside of school. Ladybug is a wonderful choice for growing families.

August 15, 2016
Mary Ellen Rahn