Our curriculum draws upon four important early childhood education concepts, which address the developmental path and learning process of a child:

  • Developmentally appropriate practice
  • Individualized care and education
  • Learning through play – ‘playful learning’
  • Learning by doing

We believe that a child’s eagerness to learn combined with developmentally appropriate play and education strengthens his/her love of learning and prepares him/her for school and academic performance.

Play allows the teacher to identify a child’s individual needs and interests and to scaffold his/her learning in an enjoyable and personal situation. The potential for teaching and learning is optimal during play.

‘Playful learning’ is an intentional and structured learning. Free play, during which a child’s initiation and input predominate, is combined with guided play, during which the activities and materials used are selected for their educational qualities, and the teacher’s participation expands. Hands-on activities and experiences offer the child opportunities to directly interact with the learning materials and people thus, building knowledge in a meaningful and personal way. The ‘playful learning’ approach encourages an integrated development that promotes self-confidence, social skills, early math and literacy, self-expression, and creativity, all of which are necessary for later academic performance.

Our program and curriculum feature a distinctive character, The Ladybug, who personifies a caring, fun, and guiding presence in a child’s life. The Ladybug is an integral part of our program and enhances all areas of our learning environment. As a friendly guide, Mia, our Ladybug, accompanies each child through his/her daily exploration and learning, offering him/her the support, the encouragement, and the recognition the child needs.

Infants’ curriculum
Toddlers’ curriculum
Twos’ curriculum
Preschoolers’ curriculum


Developmentally Appropriate Practice

At LFDP, we implement a highly personalized, developmentally appropriate, and integrated curriculum, which promotes development and lifelong learning.

'Playful Learning'

Our hands-on activities and experiences combine play and learning, offering each child opportunities to explore and construct knowledge about the world.

Mia – Our Ladybug

Caring and fun, Mia guides and supports each child through his/her daily learning activities and experiences.